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We make sure we expand your customer reach

Online advertising is proved to be the most effective way to grow customer reach and find new customers. Our passion to explore and create new strategies with Pay per click management, paid search and social advertisement, email marketing and display network marketing keeps us ahead in the market.


It is a form of online advertising in which those who manage websites pay for traffic routed to them, which happens when users click on links or banner ads.
These links appear as sponsored at the top, and sometimes on the right side as well, when a certain keyword or a definite set of keywords are queried for with the help of an internet search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing or AOL.

This is also called search engine advertising and can be useful because the ads are specifically directed at someone interested in that topic, category or product.


With Social Media becoming the new marketing platform, paid social media is changing the face o online advertising. Social media has moved itself from social networking platform to targeting customers with advertisements where they spend their time.

It is different from Paid search as here advertisers find users as target audience. Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are platforms that help us create paid strategic social media campaigns. Strength of social media advertisement is that it targets the customers with pin point specifics and makes sure the advertisement is reached to audience customer wants.


We create and send effective emails. They are beautiful too. We have in-depth experience in email marketing for both B2C and B2B clients. We create campaigns which work. Every time. We go through the whole gamut- from strategy to creative, and then to build and analyze. We assist our clients to achieve their marketing objectives and goals with measurable results.
If you want to create and also manage your company campaigns, a cost effective solution will be offered to you. Our products are always feature rich and easy to use.
We offer full support. You can swiftly design and build creative email campaigns. When you send your marketing email, you do so with complete tracking and reporting capabilities. You will decide how much you spend. Cost is calculated on number of emails sent by you.


Conversion rate on websites is not 100%. It depends on the product and competition; said that it could be anything between 3-10%. Consumer journey could be the tiring and customers might leave without converting. Keeping that in mind remarketing acts as the most important tool to capture lost customers.

“Serve Your Ads on other Websites”

This gives an opportunity for the customer to revist the website and convert.